Bookshelves for Children and Adult: Different?

Reading is a good habit that needs to always be maintained. You can just lose the habit easily in this era where you might feel it’s easier to watch videos. However, reading a book and watching a video, even in the same thing, will give different experience. Book will offer more personal connection to the reader as it will take much longer to finish a book. And that is only one reason among so many reasons why reading should be introduced since a young age.

To support the habit, you would want to have special furniture to store your collection. Of course, there are so many ebooks right not. However, reading from a physical book has its own charm and children are suggested to read directly from physical book. And for that, you will want to have bookshelves take care of all the books. There are many kinds of bookshelves that you can try, from the simple one to the big and tall one.

The simple bookshelves can be the wooden floating shelves that you can arrange on the wall. The open setting will allow you to have a light look. If you have so many books, these floating shelves might be good for temporary storage where you put the books you are reading in the meantime so that you can get easy access.

If you prefer something that will allow you to store more books but still with light looks, you can try a 3×3 shelves that light enough to be installed on the wall but too small for the floor. Then, if you are ready for something bigger, big and tall shelves on the floor would be best suit you. However, if you have children in the house, this can create some problems.  

Children are curious. They will want to open each of your books while they don’t have the control over their energy. Pages can be ripped and books can fall onto their feet. That is why it is important to make sure that your children get their own bookshelves so that they are less curious of your books. Although, it would be safer to just keep your books out of their reach.

Besides those reasons, the other reason why children should have their own shelves is because bookshelves for adult do not help them choose which one they want to read as the cover of the book would be on the shelves end. That is why bookshelves for children should have the cover face the picker. And bookshelves for children should be in their reach so that they have easy access to their books.

Another reason is that, with colorful book cover faces outward, the bookshelves do look more attractive and this will lead the children to feel happy just look at them. It is a great advertisement for them. And it also would complement the playroom. Bookshelves for children also varied from the shelves installed on the wall and the shelves that you put on the floor.

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