What You Can Do in Creating Statement Ceiling


When you decorate a room, you want to make sure you have paid attention to every detail and create a combination that you want. Sometimes, we want to have one center in the room where the attention would focus on it while other times we just want to generate details in each corner. It can be by adding a big bold pendant in a simple room or having everything in small details.

There are many ways to make a unique distinctive statement in a room. One of the exciting ones is by making a beautiful and creative statement ceiling. While making statement in the furniture is the usual way to do it, if you want to go further and more unique, ceiling is one of the ways.

Decorating ceiling and creating statement there is not as easy as doing it near the earth. That’s why, putting a lot of thoughts on the ceiling adds more values when you look at it.  There are many things you can do in making statement ceiling as you can be as creative as you can be.

One easy way to create a statement ceiling is by adding a statement pendant. For example, surrounding a simple style, you can add a bold and big pendant where it becomes one prominent detail in the room.  Or, it can be the opposite. While the room is in vibrant colors, the pendant can be white or elegant that it looks so pronounced.

Another way, it can be by painting the ceiling in a contrast color. One example is by painting it black and creating a long and deep illusion on the ceiling. Black is a strong color too so that it will look so intense and make a bold statement in the ceiling. Added with another contrast lighting fixture on the ceiling, it would make a great package there.

Next thing that can be done is by adding texture on the ceiling, for example by using another material like wood. While wood can be neutral and minimalist, it can be carved or just arranged and create an interesting pattern on the ceiling. Besides wood, material like embossed tiles. It can be simply arranged so that it would not go too crowded but still make a stark contrast to the room.

The other thing that can be done in creating statement ceiling is by preparing the architectural shape before. It can be a vaulted or dome ceiling and this is enough to make a statement for the room. However, even though the ceiling is flat, making a layered surface and bringing some details like painting or carving can be another interesting way to make statement. As there are many ways to create statement ceiling, you might want to make sure that the statement that you want to go through would last long for you so that whatever the room would be, it would match anyway. This would ensure you for no further big cost in the future for creating another statement ceiling just to go with the room design.

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