Why Would You Consider Open Shelves?


Every house has things they need to store. Thus every house has storage boxes. Putting everything in the cabinet can be really practical. However, sometimes it takes more space than you are willing to give as boxes can be big and takes space. There are pros and cons in using boxes and cabinet. However, if you are thinking that the space is more necessary, then you might want to consider shelves instead.

As there are many kinds of shelves, you will able to have many options too. However, the lightest of all is probably open shelves where you can put on the wall in floating setting. These are some reasons why you might want to consider open shelves.

 As the idea of open shelves is to make everything looks less heavy and more open, you would get the friendly feeling from this setting. This will be perfect for shelves in the kitchen and living room as it would look inviting and warm. With closed cabinet, the room might not look cramped and too many things are seen. However, that is the art of having open shelves. You will want to keep it simple and minimalist while also showing warmth to your guest.

Another reason why open shelves are a perfect solution is because of the shallow depth of open shelves allows you to reach every corner of the shelves. And by doing so, you will be able to store even more things in the shelves. Moreover, because open shelves have easier access, it will be in your arms reach. You will not have to face the difficulties in getting everything you need, especially when you cook. It is another reason that this option is perfect for a kitchen.

The next reason is that open shelves brings out brighter and more open feeling in the room. If you want to go bold, you can paint it with bold colors without getting too crowded as it would only boards of wood shelves, without door. If you have accessories, you would be able to display them in open shelves and make your room looks more interesting. This way also helps your guest feel like they’re welcomed warmly to the house.

Although it may seem that dust and dirt would easily settled in the shelves, you can actually easily brush the dirt with daily cleaning. To make it less dusty, you might want to stack just what you need on the open shelves so that everything got to go out once in a while. The regular use will keep them off the dust.  So, it is not so difficult to keep the area clean and healthy. And the best thing about open shelves is that it is not expensive. Installing upper and bottom cabinet in the kitchen is much more expensive compare to installing open shelves. And in the living room, it is simpler to install open shelves than putting large shelves on the floor. But, of course, you might want to grow the habit of taking everything aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

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