Adding Exotic Moroccan Accents in the House

Exotic style is always distinctive and has its own special unique way to present in the world. With exotic style, you will be able to show your personality through the patterns and colors that will explain yourself to your guest. And this time, it’s time for Moroccan style. This style has been really famous for its shape, pattern, and colors that it is easy to just add one accent and it will become strongly pronounced in the room. If you love exotic and vibrant look, you will love Moroccan style. And if you think of decorating your house with Moroccan touches, you can do it easily.

As the characteristics of Moroccan accent are really distinctive, even the smallest accent can bring whole different look. The easiest example is probably the Moroccan lamps. They have this metal cage shape with lots of pattern hole on the surface that also closed with colorful glass. The combination of these creates a really beautiful shade at night. And at days, the colorful tinted glass can brings colorful shadow when the sunlight comes through. You can find this kind of lamp easily in the market and you will recognize it easily too.

The next Moroccan accent that has strong character is the arch above the door. Moroccan’s buildings have beautiful curved arch that can be easily seen in Islamic prayer place. Across the world many mosques have taken this curved arch to show the culture influence across generation, besides stating the beauty itself. This arch can be built on the doorway or as partition of open room, like between the kitchen and the living room.

And not only that, the arch is often not left bare. It often has tiny vibrant tiles combined into amazing pattern. This fabulous pattern will also be reflected on the floor and wall.  The precision of this installment can leave you out of breath. However, if you like these tiny vibrant tiles, you would be able to get the similar model by putting some vibrant tiles on the backsplash that has texture similar to tiny tiles. If you are bold enough, you can try mixing some vibrant colors together and it will not be totally wrong. However, if you are not that bold, sometimes, when they don’t use vibrant colors, they use warm or earthy tones to balance the vibrant look.

In the living room, you can add ottomans as additions to the seating. You can pick ottoman with exotic patterns and colors to brighten up the room. Or, you can just put a Moroccan rug in the living room to bring in exotic accent. It can also be done by putting some Moroccan accessories on the wall like carved wood or carved framed mirror. There are many other things you can do to add the exotic touch of Moroccan besides all of those as the simplest and smallest thing has a strong character that it will look so pronounced in the room. So, there would be massive challenge as to creating Moroccan look in the house.

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